How to Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry


Did you know that silver on its own is not a suitable metal to make jewelry? Did you know that it is usually combined with another metal in the making of jewelry? Most people are not aware of this little fact.

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Although precious, silver is a very brittle and soft metal. Its appearance is beautiful and sparkly and this makes it an ideal choice for jewelry. Silver is shiny, reflective and commonly known as white metal. You might notice the word fine silver being used by jewelers. This refers to silver in its pure form. In this state, the silver is too soft that it would actually make very brittle jewelry that wouldnt last long.

In this case, jewelers prefer to merge this beautiful metal with other metals, mostly copper, which then makes sterling silver durable. When your jewelry conveys the description sterling silver, it means that it contains over 90% silver and about 7.5-10% of another metal.

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  1. Qualities of the metal used

    Different jewelers use different metals in addition to silver. Each metal dictates the quality of the jewelry hence determining the price. In this case, it is advisable to ask the jeweler of the metal used for the jewelry that youre interested in.
    If you notice some pieces bearing higher price tags then it definitely means that they are of higher quality. With your budget in mind, the jeweler will get you a variety of pieces within your price range and even help you make the best choice if need be.

  2. Hallmarks

    These are quality stamps that are usually inscribed on sterling silver jewelry. These also go a long way in giving an indication of the quality of each piece of jewelry. You might notice a 925 sterling in print on a piece of jewelry. This means that the metal used is genuine sterling silver. If you notice that a piece doesnt have a hallmark, ask the jeweler or the salesperson to verify that the pieces are indeed genuine sterling silver. Other acceptable hallmarks for sterling silver include; Ster, Sterling, Sterling silver and of course 925.

  3. Quality of Each Piece

    You can ask the salesperson to present pieces from your preferred designer if you wish. You can also ask them to provide information about particular pieces in order to gain insight and make the right decision. Take your time in examining the pieces and take note of certain details, such as; its weight, flaws, overall craftsmanship, any marks, intricacy of design and areas of tarnish.


After successfully purchasing your sterling silver jewelry, ensure that you give it special care as this will help it last for even a lifetime. Store your piece in a cloth pouch or in a separate compartment in your jewelry box to avoid scratches.

Take off your piece whenever you handle household chemicals; bleach, detergent, chlorinated water, ammonia as these can damage silver.

Always use polishes that are specially formulated to get rid of tarnish while cleaning your silver. Alternatively, you can find special solutions, polishes, and cloth in stores meant for the cleaning of sterling silver pieces.

Remember, wearing your silver jewelry frequently is the best way to prevent tarnish build up. However, cleaning it regularly will keep it shiny and sparkly for longer.

Top Wedding Jewelry Selection Tips


Planning a wedding can be a very exciting but stressful time. There are so many things to decide that its easy to forget something important. For some reason, many people leave choosing their wedding jewelry until the last minute. This guide will look at several tips to make it simple to choose the right jewelry for your special day. Jewelry will help to make the most of your beautiful dress and make your special day that bit more magical. These top wedding jewelry selection tips will make your life that bit easier.

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Be personal

Dont just choose jewelry because it has lots of diamonds or looks expensive. Instead you should choose jewelry that you actually like and would love to wear. Its your special day, and the important thing is to choose jewelry which makes you feel great. The jewelry you choose should also showcase your stunning wedding dress and make you feel a million dollars.

Matching your Dress

When choosing jewelry always think about the style of your wedding dress. As you wont be wearing your dress when shopping this can be a bit difficult. Take a photo of the dress with you to remind you the types of styles which will go. When trying on necklaces try to wear a top which has a similar neckline to your wedding dress. This will give you a much better idea of how the necklaces will actually look on your wedding day.

Dont ignore Artificial Diamonds

Diamonds look amazing, but so do artificial diamonds like cubic zirconia. To be honest, nobody will know you are wearing fake diamonds except for yourself. Its a fantastic way to get some amazing and expensive looking jewelry for a fraction of the cost.

Matching Jewelry

Try to choose jewelry which matches as it will look much better when all worn together. It will look amazing if you have a bracelet, necklace and earrings which all match.

Borrow Family Jewelry

For your something old and borrowed, why not consider borrowing old family jewelry? This is a great way to save some of the cost of buying jewelry and is also a special way to wear important family jewelry.



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It may seem to be one of the hardest things to do in this world but jewelry selection is really easy as long as you know what the things that you should consider are.

This is also true when it comes to custom jewelry, you should know how to make the right decision all the time, choosing the designer and choosing the design, these two should come hand in hand all the time.

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